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In the mid 1800’s Elivia Sequin was married and together him and his wife had 5 boys and 4 girls. They lived in Ground Point, Ontario which was north of Chatham, Ontario. One of Elivia’s son’s was named Moise. Moise was born in 1871 in Tecumseh, Ontario. In the year 1893, at the age of 22 Moise bought a 100-acre farm in Maidstone Township. He bought the farm from the Canada Land Company and he paid $2,200.00. The land was all forest and for the first few years Moise made a living by chopping trees down with an axe and selling the wood. Later when some of the land was cleared he would farm it with the help of a horse. Moise later married Selima Renaud and together they had 3 children. They had a boy named Raymond and a girl Veronica. Veronica had a twin which died at birth.

Veronica grew up and married Paul Kennette. In 1946 Paul Kennette bought the farm from Moise Sequin. Moise lived with Veronica and Paul until he died in 1961 at the age of 90. Paul and Veronica had 12 children together. They made a living by farming the land, and they raised a few cows, pigs and chickens. Veronica passed away in 1957 and Paul died in 1983. Lawrence Kennette was one of Paul’s son’s. In 1981 he married Linda Umbenhower. They have 3 children, Lawrence, Christopher, and Tammy. In 1986 they bought the 100 acre family farm from the estate of Paul Kennette. In 1987 they took down the old farmhouse and replaced it with a new home. Today, they farm the land, have 3 acres of apple trees and raise a few chickens. In the middle of their farm still stand 6 acres of forest.